Monday, June 6, 2011


So here we are in Surprise, Arizona. We are really happy to have our family reunited and relieved to get back into a routine, instead of constantly putting out fires.

The house is great. What do I like best?
  • It was designed really well and with a lot more storage than we were expecting, so it has been pretty easy to move in.
  • The pool, of course. I love that the kids play for hours and hours and then crash into bed and are asleep before I can get up there to say good night. LOVE!
  • The house is perfect for entertaining. Lots of comfortable rooms and seating areas for visiting. Saturday our *first visitors, the Billings, came to see us and I loved that some kids were outside in the pool, others were playing video games in the family room and the adults were in the living room enjoying a great conversation.
  • Green space has been desgined into this housing development. When I look out my window I don't see a sea of rooftops instead there are trees and flowers. It makes me so happy.
  • It is close to everything. The grocery store is 5 minutes away. Target is 2 minutes away. The schools and church are both walking distance.
  • There is a beautiful walking path (that green space again) that snakes all throughout the housing development. I can't wait for Betsy to get here so we can take her for walks.
I feel like our kids have taken the brunt of the inconvenience of this move. Their activities have been cancelled and rescheduled and canceled again because i would need to take car of something for the sale of the house or getting ready for the move. I am pleased that we will really be able to focus on them this summer. It is already shaping up to be busy and full of really good things. Swimming lessons for the girls and golf for Dan. We'll keep you updated.

*Our first guests were actually Roger and his friend during Spring Training but I don't want to count that since I wan't here and he was forced to feed himself and sleep on the floor.


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It sounds great. So glad about the greenery you get to see. Can't wait to come and visit.