Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Comfort, Peace and a Poem

We all are here
We all are here
Father, mother, sister brother
All who hold each other dear
Each chair is filled
We're all at home
We're all, all here

Sheri Steed recited this poem at Joshua's first funeral.

When Joshua died I took comfort in the ideas and beliefs I was taught all my life. I'd like to share a few of those things with you today.

First, the relationships we experience in our families are eternal, meaning they are unending. Those relationships began before we came here to this life and will continue long after we die.

Second, just like when I was born, when I die many loved ones will be there to welcome me and to help me.

Third, I will see my dad and Joshua as well as others whom I love and there will be hugs and kisses and tears of joy at these reunions.

And last, one day after our deaths, Paul and I will be reunited and all who are dear to us will be there and we will be able to say with a satisfaction that only separation can produce, and just like the poem,

". . . each chair is filled, we're all at home, we're all, all are here."