Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fashion and Testimony Meeting

My girlfriends and I shared clothes back and forth all the time. And when I say we shared clothes, what I really mean is that they shared their clothes with me. That is until my sophomore year of school when belted, over-sized shirts and sweaters were where it was at. I wish I had a picture or two of Sara and I at that time but I couldn't find any.

As luck would have it, my dad was a big guy and he had a great big closet full of over-sized sweaters and shirts for us to borrow. The best part? His wonderful collection of sweater vests. They were perfect for layering and he had a bunch of them. He would complain about us borrowing them but I know he was amused, he liked that we could use something we already had in the house, especially if it was cool. The only time Dad would get annoyed with the whole thing was when we couldn't produce one of the said items of clothing, when he wanted it.

I knew we weren't alone when The Cosby Show did an episode where Cliff had to go into Denise's closet to find his belt and shirts. I remember watching that episode as a family and loving it. I welcomed any chance I had to identify with Uber Cool Denise Huxtable.

Anyway, one Sunday morning Dad wanted his burgundy sweater vest. I couldn't find it. Sara couldn't find it. I checked to see if I left it at Laurette's, nope. I called the Lieshman's, nope. He was mad. We got ready and went to church minus the burgundy sweater vest. It was Fast Sunday.

I'm just going to let you guess how happy we all were to see Sherrie Maxwell get up to speak wearing the sweater vest in question.


robin k said...

Great story!

Mom in Mendon said...

I remember a mother/daughter fashion show where I was supposed to dress myself from the things in your closet, and I dressed entirely in clothes that belonged to your friends.

Mindi said...

can i tell you how much joy this story brought me?

i remember you bringing up the hugest pile of clothes to my upstairs bedroom and dumping them on the floor and saying, "here. sort through. find what's yours."

and the funny part is that i didn't even find it odd.....

also? the kitchen post just made me weep. i don't know if it's the wrong thing to say i enjoy these posts? but they have been good for me, and i hope they are healing for you.

hope you are enjoying the big apple!