Monday, February 7, 2011

Everyone's Your Friend in New York City

So my friend Regina and I just bought our tickets to New York in April. I've never been before and I've always wanted to go. Regina's mother grew up in NYC and she has lots of roots there so she's been many times. I'm glad to be seeing the city with someone so familiar.

Here is the list of things I want to do while I'm in New York for the first time:
  • Eat NY pizza
  • Eat NY bagels with schmear
  • Eat at a really nice restaurant
  • Eat from some street vendors
  • Go to a few shows
  • Ground Zero
  • The Met
  • The Natural History Museum
  • The Jewish Genealogical Library
  • Time Square
If I could fit all that in I would be thrilled. Anything I'm missing?


Mom in Mendon said...

I'm so HAPPY you get to take this trip. I would go out by the Statue of Liberty and to Ellis Island. It's SO American.

BTW, in the 1600's the Packs first settled in Elizabethtown, NJ, less than 15 miles from Jared and Liz's place in Hoboken.

Liz Stanley said...

I'm writing your email right now on my favs! thanks for the reminder.