Friday, January 14, 2011

Five Things My Husband Does So Well That I Take Them For Granted

1. Putting me first
If there is ever a choice between something that I want and something that Paul wants, 95% of the time he chooses what I want. I just assume we will do things my way and am always a little shocked the few times he insists on his way.

2. Being willing to try things and then, of course, succeeding
Paul's adventurous spirit, as well as his hard work and expertise, has taken us farther than I ever dreamed and he's made almost anything a possibility for us.

3. Listening
He always takes the time to listen to me ~and just in case you've never met me, I talk A LOT~ Paul is always sensitive to what I am feeling or thinking about.

4. Providing
I never, ever worry about the basics, I know Paul will always do more than provide for us. One of the things I am most grateful for as a wife and mother is that I had the choice to be home with my kids.

5. Being Loyal
Paul is fiercely loyal to me; it doesn't matter if I'm right or wrong. He stands by me no matter what. In 23 years, I can't remember a time he was ever publicly critical of me.

Once in a while I am startled back to reality and am made to see how rare and precious these qualities are, especially in one person.

Happy 23rd my sweetheart.

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robin k said...

Happy Anniversary!
Paul=Amazing and Awesome
So do you.