Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Tree

Did you know we have a fake Christmas tree? Well, we do and I love it. The first dozen years or so of our marriage we always had a fresh cut tree and I loved that too. Then one day we were at the PX in Hoenfels and I saw such a pretty tree. It was 8 ft tall and a great shape because, of course, it was fake but the best part was the lighting. It was pre-lit with steady twinkle lights, then it had large white glowy C-3 lights and then on top of that there are about 20-30 twinkle lights all over the tree; each one independently blinks, slowly and randomly and adds the perfect twinkly touch.

When I saw it, I happily handed over my insistence on a real tree and a couple hundred dollars for this perfect albeit plastic tree and couldn't get it home fast enough.

I know and appreciate why having a real tree is nice but I like having a fake tree too for a several reasons:
  • No mess
  • Pre-lit
  • Adjustable branches
  • No extra moolah every year
  • Fast and easy
I am always happy when it goes up but the last couple of years I have felt a little different about it getting it out. I can't tell if it is looking tired to me or if I am just ready for a change. I really wanted a flocked tree this year and planned on it but between normal holiday busyness and getting the house ready for the appraisers there just wasn't any time time to go and get one so I put my old tree up again . . . and it made me happy . . . again.

I have been keeping my eye out for a new one, hoping I could snag one during the after Christmas sales but I can't find one lit like this. I've looked and looked. I even tried to contact the company that made this one but it no longer exists.

I'm not sure where to go from here so I guess I will box it up again and move it to Phoenix or hope I stumble onto the perfect tree again or maybe I'll try and light one myself next year. What do you think?

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Mom in Mendon said...

We had a tall, fresh tree for the first time in years. The aroma intoxicates. I would keep your lighted tree. Even if you don't use it next year, you'll be glad to pull it out from time to time. And it has a nice history.