Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Lesson on Wool and Two New Hats

Did you know that some wool isn't scratchy but super soft? Did you further know that some wool can be washed in a washing machine? It's true. Two little tidbits I have learned working at Rose Path.

The soft wool is called Marino wool. It is a certain kind of sheep and it is wonderfully warm and soft enough for a baby's skin.

The washable wool is called "super-washed yarn". It is a special treatment that removes the tiny scales on the strands of wool. It is those scales that grab and bind and shrink and felt that beautiful sweater, hat or scarf that you thought you could wash and ruined instead.

So if you want soft wool look for the word "Merino"; if you want it washable look for the word "super-washed".

before and after felting

So, I knitted these hats. They were for Paul and Pauly to wear at the Utah-TCU game, but it was 75 degrees at game time this week. No need for a wool hat. Also, I don't think they wanted to be seen as Ute fans after the game.

When I finished the first one it was waaaay too big, so Regina suggested I felt it. That means I just washed it a couple of times, in hot water. I threw some jeans in there too because I don't have an agitator in my washing machine. It looked so good, I made another one.

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