Tuesday, October 6, 2009

On his farm he had a cow!

Okay, not really on our farm, it will be on our friend Larry's 30 acres about 20 minutes north of us. We are trading him 10 laying hens for our calf and Larry will keep him and feed him until next summer when we will eat him up.

I love that we are getting a cow but almost better than that; there is something really wholesome and lovley about bartering. Getting an actual product instead of money in exchange for eggs or chickens has made me so happy.

Having home-produced goods we are both proud of, agreeing on a price, walking away with something that excites me. I have been surprised at how satisfying it is to me.

This venture has just been such a fun and I want to share it with you so, here is what I suggest: Get the best husband ever, who loves to have a big project and likes to work hard and who has tons of really great ideas. Then let him try out some of his ideas, which will turn out to be incredible and will teach your children and bless your home in ways you could never have predicted. You will see what I mean.


jared stanley said...


i hope cows never develop a sense of self of we're going to have some pretty depressed cows.

Mom in Mendon said...

I love this. You're living a Wendall Berry life.

Elder and Sister McEvoy said...

Brings back the memories, but I think your cow is a Steer!

R-Eight said...
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