Monday, August 31, 2009

Rose Path

Did I tell you that I am the resident quilting expert at Rose Path Weaving?

That is how my friend Regina, who owns the shop, introduces me. And although I have answered some quilting question already, I mostly just help people pick yarn and decided on projects and fawn over whatever they are currently working on.

It is really a lovely place to be. Ladies and sometimes their patient husbands, come in and shop or instead of their husbands, ladies will bring their current project and sit at the big table circled with 10 cushioned chairs and work for a few hours. Occasionally they will bring cookies or sandwiches to share. It feels like an ongoing quilting bee. I absolutely love it!

People come from Dallas and New Orleans to shop at Rose Path and they just expanded from weaving, knitting and crocheting; adding needlework and beading too. Every time I am there, I write another idea in my book; something I want to learn or an idea for a new pattern I want to try.

I feel very lucky.

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Mom in Mendon said...

How great!! That's a little how I felt at the Gable House, surrounded by pretty things for a few hours a week.