Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rise and Shout and cry a lot . . .

Rachel and Robin on the Y

I had so much fun taking Robin to Utah. Not only was our time well used, it was just fun to have Robin to myself for a few days before we said goodbye.

The highlights:

Sunday dinner at the Strong's, so much fun!
Meeting Grandpa Rich
Lying on the soft grass at the park and in Provo canyon
Hiking the Y with Megan and the boys
Being recruited by Sara for the Bennett for senate BBQ
Seeing Shannon's kitchen almost done in real life not just the blogosphere
Spending the day with Salem and Megan and the boys
Eating fruit and veggies from the Fawsen's garden
Visiting with Tanya Loosle, one of the most extraordinary women I've ever known
and Aunt Rachel showing us the entrance to the secret tunnels under the Y campus

Wow! it was hard to leave Robin, but I was so thankful that I was leaving her in place where she would be looked after. (Thank you McEvoys.)

She will check into the dorms tomorrow morning . . . so exciting!!

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Nana Donna said...

We loved having you and Robin at our home. Sorry I missed the first part of the week because of Young Womens Camp, but glad that I had some time to visit once I was home.

Rachel.........she's going to be okay, I promise!