Sunday, July 5, 2009

If I could plan the perfect day . . .

. . . it would be very much like our 4th of July, it included:

5 adults
7 kids
1 flat of blueberries picked
3 cobblers (2 peach, 1 berry) devoured
24 turkey, ham and salami sandwiches made and eaten
Hours and hours of stories, laughter and unguarded conversation immersed in
3 pounds of cherries enjoyed
1 Twilight reader's theater performed (here's a taste)
Scene 5

BELLA: Thanks for saving me from that mob of guys who attacked me in the street! It's a good thing you obsessively stalk me while simultaneously insisting you want nothing to do with me.
EDWARD: No problem. If anyone's going to tear you limb from limb and gorge themselves on your sweet, delicious, life-giving blood, it's going to be me.
BELLA: Aw, you say the nicest things! I'm pretty sure you're a vampire, that I'm in love with you, and that part of you wants to kill me.
EDWARD: Don't be silly. It's not just part of me.

You Tube favorites watched on the Wii (always love the Mantage)
Bags and bags of red, white, and blue popsicles gobbled
2 games of Settlers of Catan played (our new family favorite)
3 and 1/2 naps taken by grownups who stayed up too late talking
Several packages of hot dogs, 40 hamburgers and one pair of frog legs donated to our neighborhood party
A big swimming pool with a diving board well used (a must)
$150 worth of the best fireworks as well as about 300 sparklers set off
1 toenail painted

Oh my heck!! It was such a great day! We love you Billings family!

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