Monday, April 20, 2009

Snatching the Pebble

It doesn't happen to me very often but you know when you are sitting in sacrament meeting, minding your own business and you stop glaring at your irreverent kids and start listening to the speaker? And then the speaker says something great that really touches you and then they say something else even more profound and then they say something else and they word it just the way you have been thinking about it and then it seems like they are talking just to you? But then you realize it is more like they are talking to something even deeper and you leave with the words echoing in you mind for days?

You know those talks? Robin gave one of those talks on Sunday. It was on the priesthood and it was extraordinary.

If you ever get the chance, have her read it to you.


Nana Donna said...

I would love for Robin to email me her talk. I have to give the lesson on the Priesthood to my young women on Fast Sunday. Maybe just send the highlights? If your too busy that's okay, I have the manual to go with, but I'd love to hear Robins perspective. You've got to be so proud of her.

Mom in Mendon said...

How great--for both of you.exporm

Mom in Mendon said...

BTW, the extra word in my comment was meant as "verification."

: )