Wednesday, March 25, 2009

благодарность (that means thank you)

We had an happy treat today when Mickey Reynolds (formerly Elder Reynolds) came to our house with a package and greetings from Grandma and Grandpa Mac in Russia. He had served with them until about 3 weeks ago when he came home.

We loved hearing about his mission, the people, the places and how he is adjusting to being home; and of course we especially loved hearing about our missionaries. It was so nice.

It was fun to open our little package. This doll was my favorite. My mom had mentioned it before but I was still surprised at the Asian look of the her little face and clothes. We made quick work of the candy they sent and I squirrelled away the pretty lotion before the little girls could get it. What fun!

Thank you so much Grandma and Grandpa Mac! We love you! We'll talk to you soon.


Mom in Mendon said...
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Mom in Mendon said...

Hi Rodgers family! Glad you like your package.

We actually have little packages for every family but it turns out going to the Pochta (post office) takes a lot of time. They must empty your package and weigh and inspect each item, in addition to the forms to fill out. So some packages have been mailed and are on their way, but not all of them.

We love and miss Elder Reynolds. Texas or anywhere is lucky to have him!! We were just talking about him yesterday in Surgut.

Love from Russia.