Friday, March 6, 2009


So Saturday was coronation at Lindale High School. This is an elegant, traditional night when the queen and other royalty are announced.

Some things you need to know about coronation:
~a girl is nominated by each club or team
~the girl needs an escort from that club or team
~the girl needs a fancy dress
~the escort needs to match the girl's fancy dress
~each girl is announced, she does this awesome curtsy when, if done correctly will end with the girl sitting on the floor (no lie), the escort bows and presents her with a red rose
~if you are not nominated for queen, you are a duchess
~it is a very big deal

Some things you should know about Robin's duchesshood:
~she was the Young Democrats Club duchess
~Pauly was her escort
~they called her Rachel during her introduction
~Robin did an abbreviated curtsy
~they were not supposed to do the little thing at the end, in fact all the kids were threatened with detention if anyone did anything off script
~they did not get detention
~Robin has really great legs, maybe a little too great
~Paul was gorgeous and the perfect escort
~Robin was both beautiful and lovely

For more pictures of the big night, see Robin's blog.


Mom in Mendon said...

How great!! Gorgeous Duchess and Handsome Escort!

Margo said...

You must be so proud! They both look FABULOUS and yes...Robin has GREAT legs!
Love ya!

Megan said...

So Cute! That made me smile!

Nana Donna said...

Paul and Robin looked great! Congrats Robin!