Monday, March 16, 2009

Do they have this one with pumpkins?

Why is making decisions so excruciating for me? Picking a new background was the worst! I picked the last one because it was one of 7 I could choose from, there weren’t that many choices and I really didn’t think I would be blogging very long anyway. But here I am coming up on two years and I really needed a change but what to do?

Do I pick another basic blogger template? BORING!! Do I get a cutsie one that looks like a scrapbook page? Not really me. How about hiring someone to design one for me? Again, not really me because I would actually have to shell out cash for that. I could try and design one on my own. I tried it . . . let us never speak of it again. So what I am left with is to pick one of the zillion free templates out on the net. To be honest this is actually the most painful option for me because now I have to start all over again with the decision making.


Click click click . . .Ooo! Strawberries, that’s cute, what else is there? Click click click . . . Oooo! Blue ethereal sky! I like that one. But maybe there is a better one; I’m going to keep looking. Ooo! That one is nice . . . wait, is that the same one I just looked at? Back click, back click, back click . . . nope different ethereal sky, well, at least I’m consistent.

Half an hour later . . . click click click click . . . Oooo! Red Japanese umbrellas! I really like that, I wonder if I could get a print like that for the entry. Click over to Another half an hour later still at but looking at pictures of sporting events . . . Wait! I’m looking for blog skins! Focus Rachel! Click back to Free Blog Templates R Us. Click click click . . . another half an hour goes by filled with ethereal skies and pictures of red things.

Repeat 1000 times.


Me “Robin, come and pick a blog for me.”

Robin (from the other room) “Pick your own, mom, I’m watching the office.”


A couple of days later I found some cute ones. They were a little cartoonier than I normally like but I was so sick of looking. I picked one.

Me “Robin, come and tell me this one is cute.”

Robin “That’s cute mom but it doesn’t really seem like you.”


I’m not getting up until I pick one! Click click click . . . Strawberries (yes, the same strawberries from days and days ago.) I like strawberries, I eat strawberries, I like the color of strawberries. Strawberries it is!!

Me "Pauly, I can't get this to install will you come and help me."

Pauly "Mom, you just follow the instructions."

Click click click, it’s almost installed. A quick phone call to Jared to make sure I'm not going to lose the last two years of the only journal I am keeping.

Jared “You won’t lose it.”

Me “Whew! Thanks Jared! Have fun snow caving!”

Click and save! Done!
Wait a minute! I’m not going to be happy with this in October am I?



jared said...

that's the good thing about templates, you can change them for every month of the year! or day of the week!

robin k said...

Great blog!

Bundy 6 Pak said...

This has nothing to do with anything, but we just bought 2 lbs of strawberries from the local ranchers market and now I wished I hadn't because my carpet has red polka-dots all over it!

john said...

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Megan said...

I love the strawberries! Plus I like the simplicity of the background. I am feeling like a change myself.
I go through the same dialog in my head.
Pumpkins would be cute in the fall!

Elder and Sister McEvoy said...

It looks good, Rachel. I Especially love the cherries at the end. xoxo Mom