Monday, February 9, 2009

Things I found in my couch . . .

3 pencils
2 markers
2 bouncy balls
1 old permission slip
1 Barbie princess book
7 socks
24 cents
1 pair of earrings I thought were lost forever
1 pacifier (Jared's I think)
lots of sand
1 seam ripper
1 sheet of bubble wrap
more candy wrappers than I would have thought
9 hairclips
13 hair ties
1 Beatles hat

This is the sofa, new.

We bought a sofa from Furniture Row about 2 1/2 years ago. And although the fabric looks like new, the sofa as a whole, looks terrible. The pillows are saggy, seams are coming apart and the frame has broken in two places.

The frame and cushions have a lifetime guarantee so I called them about repair work. They said it was too expensive to fix and ordered a new one for us. I cut a hole in the bottom to clean out all the "stuff" that has fallen into the nether regions of the couch because I have to return the old one when I pick up the new one today. (It is a $35 charge for both pick up and delivery.) Thank heaven I have a truck and a teenaged boy.


jared stanley said...

sweet, a new couch for $35.

Mom in Mendon said...

I remember finding popsicle sticks and apple cores. : )

Salem said...

Weird mom, I remember leaving popsicle sticks and apple cores in the couch.