Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Something we started at the beginning of 2009 is to get rid of as many monthly bills as possible. For example, we bought a treadmill and ended our gym membership, ridding ourselves of our that bill. We also cut off our cable,

Dear DVR,

Thank you for your endless dedication to my T.V. addiction. I will miss you terribly and I will never forget the wonderful nights we spent together.

With unhealthy devotion,

Another change we made was to get the Magic Jack. It has been working well so far and we have lost one more monthly payment. We did have to change our phone number (boooo!!) but with this change alone we will save a little over $600 this year. Woo Hoo!

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jared stanley said...

nice. we have a love-hate thing with tv; we cancel cable and then a few months later get upgraded cable; cancel it again and then get dvr, etc...
we have been at down at the basic cable level for about a year now, which has been great because we watch less tv; we're hoping to hold out but i can't make any promises.