Friday, January 2, 2009


2008 was another very busy year for us.

20th anniversary
Paul was called as Branch President
2 new driver's licenses
1 new car
1 totaled car (3 weeks later)
1 fruitful garden
1 big promotion
many visits from wonderful family and friends
1 big trip to Utah
2 hurricanes
and 9 or 10 trips to Galveston

2009 is already filling up with stuff:

Robin's 18th
21 years
San Francisco
Lots more chickens and maybe some turkeys??
Endless soccer practices and games
Robin to Utah
Endless football practices and games

This is going to be a great one!!

P.S. I lost my Palm and I need a new planner. Any suggestions??


Barbara K. said...

Oh Hi ! Barbara here in Salzburg. I lost mine, too. Keep thinking I might just find it, but it's been a while. Found you though you Mom's Mission Blog. Been using paper.... Glad I had the backup on the computer though.



jeana said...

It looks like you had fun surfing at Galveston. Hope your family had a great Christmas and New Years. Thanks for the nerf guns you got our family for Christmas the kids loved it.
Take Care,

Megan said...

Rachel, you should just get an iphone! That is what I want.