Monday, December 22, 2008

20's, 30's and 40's

Another thing my mom did right was to not get caught up in the idea of age as bad. My mom is the first to admit that she doesn't always look at the bright side of things but as far as age goes she always seemed to appreciate where she was.

My mom and Roger (in their 60's) last summer.

I couldn't wait to be 20 because my mom said things like this:

"Your 20's are so fun! Everything is an adventure. All those healthy juices are flowing. You're young, you have energy and a zillion ideas and you get to have babies. "

I looked forward to my 30's because she said things like this:

"The most beautiful women in the world are 30 . . . great, high, cheek bones, no middle age spread yet, and in your 30's, you're smart"

I'm going to be 40 next July and it sounds great to me because she said things like this:

"I like being 40. There's a confidence that comes in your 40's that you just don't have when you're younger. You know what you want and what is important. You feel comfortable in your own skin."

I was at a Relief Society dinner awhile back when a woman at our table confided in us, with very real panic in her voice, that she was almost 40. She cried as she explained everything she was doing to stave off her birthday; everything from plastic surgery to self help books to wrinkle cream. I was just heart sick for her and so thankful for my mom.


Megan said...

It is true Rachel, Your mom is great!
Thank you for sharing that.

liz stanley said...

Love those! Can't wait for my 30s next year!

Mom in Mendon said...

I could keep going--with the 50's and 60's. The only time to feel panic about aging is when we waste our opportunities.

And I'm not just saying this because I'm on a mission: Every kind or brave thing we do will make us happy; any unkindness or cowardice will make us sad.

Nana Donna said...

That was beautiful. Thanks for sharing that. I remember when I thought I was a year older. When I realized that whole year I was one year younger. I got to live that year over again whoo! hoo! Yea I know it was kind of dumb of me, but I really hadn't thought about it until my birthday came around.