Monday, October 6, 2008


When we lived on Randolph Street in Riverside, (I was ages 4-7) I remember my mom calling us into the den and trying to tune in a UHF channel on our little television. Through a blizzard of television snow we watched a little and heard a little bit of President Kimball speaking at General Conference in Salt Lake City. I remember how emotional my mom was that this was possible and I knew I should be impressed, although I wasn't.

When we moved to Utah of course, we watched it on T.V.

Our first general conference in Germany, we went to the church for the satellite feed. After that conference was offered on the Internet so we watched, well, listened it on the Internet. We only had dial-up while we were there and in '97 the picture was terrible and constantly interrupted. Listening to it without the picture made the connection a little less spotty . . . a little.

For the next year or so, there was a note on the site that asked people to please watch elsewhere if possible, to keep lines open for people who had no other means to listen. We would wait and listen to the archived sessions. I was so happy when that note was gone and we could listen to it live again.

We had such a nice day yesterday. Between sessions we all ended up outside on the trampoline. The boys and Sara were wrestling, the rest of the girls were cheering and there were some belated birthday spanks given. It was a perfectly warm, Texas autumn day. Life just doesn't get any better!
We stayed out there until Pauly received a text . . . "It's Becca, conference is starting." . . . we headed back into the house for the afternoon session.


Mom in Mendon said...


Megan said...

I like how Becca was the one who told you it was starting. She wasn't even there. I'm glad someone is keeping you guys on track! :)

Miss you tons, we wish we could have been jumping with you.

Nana Donna said...

I love to check on you kids once in a while. Gloria has got such great children. I'm glad you got to enjoy conference. It was so good and I love the spirit it always brings into our home. John had guard, but I taped the meetings so he can listen too. I think he had a chance to listen to a few talks during the weekend. Glad you had a wonderful day!