Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This is homecoming week in Lindale and last week we were invited to a mum making party. The mums are huge and gaudy and I didn't believe that they were real until I saw girls wearing these amazing creations across their chests. Because it is not familiar to us so Robin and I have been having a hard time getting on board with this sweet Texas tradition, however when I suggested a mum making party to Robin she didn't make any gagging noises, in fact she was excited about it. (She has done a 180 with her attitude this year.)

I shopped, the day before with my friend for all the fixin's (your heard me, I said fixin's). I must admit that this still seemed foreign and goofy to me but it was impossible not to get excited when everyone around me was having so much fun shopping and picking things out.

To make a homecoming mum you need: a fake mum (4-6inches), glittery ribbon, glittery letters, shiny garlands of stars or footballs or band instruments, glittery plastic figures that represent your extra-curriculars, shiny bells, lots and lots of staples and even more hot glue.

We went to our friends' home with our bags of glittery fixin's. Again, the excitement was very contagious and we had so much fun stapling and gluing and trying things out. Robin made her own and I made one for Paul to give to his sweetheart. The mums turned out big and glitzy and ribbony it was such a fun day.

Here are some pics.
Getting started.

First layer.

Almost done.



Shannon said...

I don't get it...do people wear these like a corsage and is it worn the entire week or just to the Homecoming dance? Traditions can be strange but good for you getting yourselves involved and having fun with it!

Mindi said...

love it! i think the mums are really something that keeps the boy's hands to themselves.....genius idea.

isn't it funny how something could seem so normal to people who have done it forever and then so foreign to those of us who haven't? i'm proud of you and robin to "embrace" this!

R-Eight said...

Shannon~ I didn't get it either. They are worn on game day and to the homecoming game.

Mindi~ It is funny and I look at wonder how some of our traditions look to other people.

K said...

Er... Texas is the only place that does the giant mums?

Growing up, I didn't date much in high school, and homecoming was almost as heartbreaking as Valentine's day for me, because I almost never got to wear the big giant mum to school...

(which I can appreciate now as being completely ridiculous!)

R-Eight said...

Didn't say mums were only in Texas,just said it was a Texas tradition.