Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Antibiotics, Humidity and Unhealthy Amounts of Jane Austin

So for the past week or so we have been stuck in the house, fighting ear infections (swimmer's ear) and bronchitis. We can't go swimming and it is so stinkin' hot that I have been letting the kids hide out in the house playing hours and hours of video games.

This frees Robin and I up to watch Jane Austin movies one after the other.

So far we've watched:

Emma (two different versions).

Persuasion (two different versions).

Sense and Sensibility

We've each read Emma and Persuasion this summer. I tend to like the movies that are true to the books. Robin seems to like the movies that take more licence with the stories.

This is one of the best parts about having a teenaged daughter.
We're moving away from Miss Austen now and have ordered some other period romances. Howard's End and A Room With a View are on the way. Any other suggestions??


Mindi said...

sorrrrrrrry you so sick!! at least you've been getting some good movie time.

now i didn't see pride and prejudice...just seen it too much? i remember a certain someone who's quote i stole "porn for women...."

if you're talking romance i always go back to some 80's classics--hello, pretty in pink is totally sigh worthy without a whole lot of the junk (if it remember) some kind of wonderful and say anything might have been a bit worse...

Mindi said...

i really liked "phantom"--too cliche and overdone? i think it was fairly low key as well (?)

Erin said...

sounds fun. i love room with a view, but remember there is one scene with full on male nudity, you might want to have robin close her eyes.

Anonymous said...

What about the Henry-James-novel-based movies like The Golden Bowl, Washington Square, Wings of a Dove, etc. There are some good ones there.

R-Eight said...

Mindi~ Pretty In Pink and Ferris Bueller are on their way today. Thanks

Erin~ Thanks for the warning, we love full on frontal male nudity. We'll be thinking of you.

Anon~ I hadn't heard of these movies. I'll be looking them up today. Thanks for the suggestions.

tanya said...

A really awesome 8 disc series is Horatio Hornblower. Our whole family LOVES them. Darren loves them for the study of military leadership, I love them for the character development (plus, Ioan Gruffudd (fantastic four) is so darn cute in these), the boys love them for the action, the girls, well, they're still a little young, but even at 8 & 6 I got them to sit down and watch Jane Eyre with me yesterday.

BBC has a new version of Jane Eyre that just came out last summer that is three hours and really, really good.

Another good one is a BBC North and South (not with Patrick Swayze) and my sister adores Wives and Daughters, which I have yet to see. Both of these are five hour sagas. Five hours can be a little hard to come by, but well worth it. I really liked N&S.

Hope this helps!


R-Eight said...

I am assumming this is my Mannheim friend Tanya? I know she is married to a man named Darren and I also know that she loves Jane Eyre.

Thanks for the ideas, and it is so good to hear from you!