Tuesday, July 1, 2008

And the winner is . . .

The greatest invention ever???

Hands down it has to be the DVD player for car.

No fighting, no teasing, no crying. It was wonderful!

When we first used one of these I felt so guilty. Sticking the kids in front of a T.V. when we should be spending time together seemed wrong. Let me put this in the strongest terms possible. It's not. Instead of the endless games and books and songs and 3 mile cookies, Paul and I had almost the whole time to talk and plan and listen to music and I found it much more enjoyable than threatening to leave one or all of the children on the side of the road because they won't stop teasing each other.

(I realize the movie on the screen is American Pie and no, that is not one of the movies we let the kids watch. We only like American Pie 2.)

These are the movies the kids watched while we drove 20 hours each way.

Hoot (Sara and Dan cute, true story)

Hercules (Love this one, especially the music) Best line: " . . . and you're wearing his merchandise?!?!"

Enchanted (talked about this already~dumb ending, fun music and dancing)

The Parent Trap (newer version~ We've loved this one for years)

101 Dalmatians (classic) favorite line, "My tail is froze and my ears are froze and toes are froze and my nose is froze."

Over the Hedge (love when the squirrel drinks the energy drink)

Ice Age 2 (good like the first one) favorite line, "Well I've got news for you! You're not going to be saving your species tonight or any other night!"

School of Rock (funny, a little too much for Gloria and Sara)

Shrek (funny)

Shrek 2 (funnier)

Angels in the Outfield (good 8-10 year old movie)

We did play the ABC game a few times (Pauly cheats) and Dan played on his DS but it was mostly about the movies.


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You weren't around to experience the custom-made oak box set between the two front seats of the Mitsubishi, holding a VHS player connected to the cigarette lighter. SG to Southern CA. : )