Friday, June 6, 2008

Bat Bummer

What we saw.

What we were hoping to see.

Monday night we went to see the bats. We set ourselves up on a bridge about 100 yards away from the bat bridge. We hung out there for about an hour until it was dusk and we really started watching. Finally Dan said excitedly, "There they are! I can see them!" There were clouds of bats rising out from under the bridge and flying away from us!! We could sort of see them.

I'm so disappointed. Now we have to go back.


Salem said...

So usually people are happy when a cloud of bats are flying away from them rather than towards them. I think I would have been relieved.

jared said...

hahaha @salem

next time you should rent a kayak or bring an inflatable raft and paddle out under the bridge.