Monday, April 14, 2008

Sisters and Poscasts

I got an ipod for Christmas and I'm afraid I haven't used it much . . . until just the last few weeks.

I was talking to Erin about ipods and putting mine to better use after she posted this and this , more recently, this and she suggested that I find some podcasts that I like. So I looked around and listened to a few but they really weren't what I was looking for. Then I remembered something that Sara had told me years ago about the Satellite Sisters. I looked them up and sure enough they have a podcast.

The Satellite Sisters are 5 sisters who just talk about what is happening around them; restaurants they go to, happy and sad events in their own lives, silly things they hear about, news, movies, music. What I like best is that it is so familiar and comfortable.

Their show reminds me of the best times with my sisters when we are all together and have eaten a great meal and are telling stories and laughing so hard we can't talk. I wish that could happen more often.

Do you have a favorite podcast? What is it?

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