Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sisters and Parties

My little Sara turned 8 last weekend and we had such a cute and fun party! Between my sisters' blogs and Martha as well as little things I've gathered over years, I just couldn't go wrong.

This is the invitation.

Sara really liked the idea of this initial party from Martha so everything had a big S on it. The polka dots and streamers we made were inspired by this darling post on
my sister Design Mom's, blog and I used the colors from a jar of straws I've had on my counter all spring.

For party favors we covered giant Symphony bars with an "S" label.
We made new labels for these sodas too. I don't know what it was but the girls were totally enchanted by the these. The sodas were definitely the hit of the day.

We also made these tissue paper pom poms that my sister Jordan blogged about a couple of years ago. They are the greatest!! They are super easy to make and give you lots of bang for your buck. We hung them out by the road and up in the tree outside (you can see them behind Paul and Gloria, I can't believe I didn't get a better picture!) to say, "The party's in here!" The banner was fun to make and I first saw that on Jordan's blog too.

As the girls arrived we decorated these party hats. (Also from Jordan) They really just wanted to play outside so as they finished the hats they went out to play. While they were outside I was able to clean up and get ready for the games. Then I called them in and they'd play a game and they would go back outside while I got the next game ready or the food or whatever was next. This made everything run very smoothly.
Our menu was SSSSSandwiches and SSSSStrawberries and SSSSSSpicy chips (BBQ) and SSSSSoda.

It was simple and fun and Sara was happy.


Design Mom said...

So cute! What a great idea for a party theme.

jordan said...

Happy Birthday Sara. Cute party!

Mindi said...

yup, you are definitely related to your sisters. maybe what you need to put out there is that they got all their ideas from YOU......hmmmmm.

Mindi said...

ps cutest party ever! love the croquet shot!

Bundy 6 Pak said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARA!!...Thanx Rach, now my kids think they're getting jipped!!!

Mom in Mendon said...

Good job, Mom. Darling party.