Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Army Brats . . .

The kids really liked this list.
You know you're a military kid if...

You know the difference between an M-16 and an M-60.

It's pointless to explain what your dad does.

You can get in-state tuition to half the country.

There's only like one person who really did stay in touch.

Every time you move, you find you actually suck at what you think you're good at.

Curfew actually means something to you.

You stand up whenever the lights go out at a movie theatre for the National anthem.

Every one's house looks the same, but really they don't.

You know yours and your dads social security number by heart.

You don't have a home town.

When asked where you are from, it takes you over a minute to answer.

You have to use two hands to help you list all the places you've moved.

You're out-of-the-ordinary if you haven't lived in another country and lucky if you were born in the US.

You've tried to explain the difference between the Air force and the Army at least 10 times.

You know how to spell Colonel.

You're not scared of nuclear war.

You've never gone over 30 mph without being scared (on base).

You want to TP the general's house.

You think your house is bugged.

You laugh at the guards but you're actually scared of them.

You've been asked what rank are you.

You hear gun shots and its not a big deal.

Airplanes are boring.

Your dad knows how to kill someone and you're not sure if he hasn't.

Yelling does not affect you at all.

You know how to talk back.

You dislike Russia and you're not exactly sure why.

You know the National anthem and take it seriously.

You've lived in North Carolina or Texas.

You know that midnight is 2400.

You know pilots' kids are cocky.

You know what TDY means.

You know what AFFES is.

You only eat Burger King when necessary because every military installation has one.

You know the difference between going to the commissary for just a few things and "THE BIG SHOPPING".

You know if you want something new you have to wait for either the first or the fifteenth of each month to get it.

You know what an MRE is and what it tastes like.

And if you're a military kid you smiled at almost every one of these.

(Robin added, "This list makes you happy and sad.")

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