Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine Boxes and Baby's Breath

We received such a fun Valentine's box from my mom the other day. It had chocolate and candy hearts and little pink heart cakes and Valentine decorations and some dish towels (of course) and some really great scissors and it was so much fun!

Getting a Valentine's box from my Grandma Stanley is one of my funnest childhood memories. The box would arrive in the mail and we go crazy waiting until everyone was home to open it. We would all gather around excitedly while dad opened the package. There was always something for each of us and it was always a surprise. It was so great! It makes me so happy that my children will have a similar memory. Thanks mom!

When I was a girl my dad always sent me and my sisters, along with our mother, flowers on Valentine's day. It was especially nice in High School when I felt alone (Robin keeps referring to Valentine's Day as Single Awareness Day, I remember feeling like that) it was so sweet to have flowers delivered to me in class. I didn't feel quite so alone.

The year my sister Jordan was born, she wasn't even a month old on Valentine's Day; Dad sent her a big bouquet of baby's breath with a big pink ribbon tied around the bottom. I loved that.


Mindi said...

i just read about your dad sending flowers on jordan's blog the other day and i thought it was such a great idea that russ decided to do it this year--leave it to the stanleys to come up with something so cool that the rest of us have to copy! love that your dad would have that tender side of him come out at valentine's.

robin k said...

I echo mindi's thoughts...