Monday, February 18, 2008

Stormy Weekend

We had lots of storms this weekend so we hunkered down and played lots of board games and watched lots of movies and hoped the power wouldn't go out. It didn't.

We watched Becoming Jane.
What a tragic, sad, unsatisfying story.

We also watched Connections which is an old A&E series that Paul and I love. This English historian, James Burke, makes connections between, for example, the discovery of penicillin and soda fountains. It is clever and funny and interesting. I was excited to see I could get it from Netflix.

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Mindi said...

when i left that movie i felt like going home and turning on the oven and sticking my head in. i know it's history, but i kinda wanted them to disneyfy it a bit--i knew how it ended even before i saw it, but still was hoping for someone to make it shiny and happy