Wednesday, January 30, 2008


When I came home from living with Mark and Robin my senior year of high school, it became a Sunday evening tradition for Mindi Larkin and I to hang out together. We talked about boys and watched movies and ate at Del Taco and made long distance phone calls and listened to the "slow songs" tapes that Mindi had recorded and worshiped the Brat Pack and lots of other things I can't write here because my kids read this blog and sat on our rock over looking the city . . . happy memories.

She was the first to know about Paul. I was the first to know about Russ.

I remember one time up on our rock, I was talking about getting out of there. I couldn't wait to move away and leave St. George in the dust. I was shocked when I realized that I had totally offended Mindi. She told me how much she loved St. George and the area around it and how she never ever wanted to leave.

I usually see her when we are visiting St. George and we have kept track of each other through Sara. Now she has a blog and I can see what she is up to all the time.


Mindi said...

oh my gosh!! no way do you have that picture of us and why dont i have it in a 11x14 frame somewhere displayed for all to admire!!??? that post just made me tear up a little bit...i must be bordering on senior citizen. i love that you remembered all that--i just passed our rock the other day and it's all blocked off with concrete barriers now and i was telling katie that we used to sit there and she asked if we ran into hobos!!! love you rach!

Mom in Mendon said...

Fun picture. I just commented on Mindi's blog. I felt strange. I mean, is there a NO Old People Allowed rule in blogging?

Megan said...

love the hair!

liz s said...

you guys were 80s rock stars!