Monday, January 7, 2008

Two more love songs

We love Peter Gabriel.

In Your Eyes

This has been one our favorites for years and years. This is the original video. I think the it is distracting (I find all of Peter Gabriel's videos distracting) but this is definitely one of our songs. We love it.

The Book of Love always makes me cry. This is a more recent addition to songs we love and I 'm sorry it is connected to a not so great movie but we love it. I couldn't find a good video for this. I like that this shows the lyrics.


robin k said...

Wow, I love "The Book of Love." What movie is it connected to?

R-Eight said...

The movie is Shall We Dance. I saw it on T.V. while Paul was in Iraq. The story was nice but all the other junk they threw in was stupid.