Monday, January 28, 2008

President Hinckley

Elder Holland was here for Stake Conference this weekend. He talked about President Hinckley and the remarkable life he has led and how we have been so blessed with him as our leader.

The youth in our branch dressed up for school today.


Mom in Mendon said...

Sweet tribute from the YM YW.

Mindi said...

i'm done lurking, rachel--out of the closet. i have been stalking you for over 2 months--does it feel good or creepy? love the love songs btw. i always wanted to be a stanley and dance to the beat of my own drum.....or maybe it was because i was such a fan of donna!!

R-Eight said...

Melindaboo! How are you?? I am so gldd to hear from you and I love that you have been stalking me! (please don't break into my house) I love your blog and I will be checking in daily, if for nothing else, just to listen to Nik Kershaw . . . sigh.