Friday, January 4, 2008

Our songs

I'm feeling romantic this month, thought I'd share a few songs with you.

INXS Never Tear Us Apart

They came out with this song just after we were married. The video made us laugh last night when we were looking things up on You Tube, because we remember it being very, very cool.

We love this song.

We love that this was filmed in Prague; of course we didn't know that back then. We recognized it last night.

At one point we only lived 3 hours away from Prague and visited there several times. We were visiting the Jewish cemetery in the video when 3 year old Daniel wandered off. He was missing for about 30 minutes. I found him about 3 blocks away after we had looked all around that cemetery and called the police. Some very kind people had found him and were keeping him in their store. They heard me calling him and they came out and motioned that they had him. They had called the police too.

Not a very happy memory but one that makes up the last 20 years for us.

When I took Jordan and Jenny Bushman to Prague we had to smuggle tiny Dan out of the country. (A story for another time.) Dan has quite a history in the Czech Republic. Maybe he'll serve his mission there.

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