Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Little Paul ran over my house.

Did you know Paul and Robin both have their driver's permits? Well, they do, so over the past few months we have had more than one harrowing experience in our cars. The highlights?? My car was scratched up and my front axle was broken in half (thank heaven for warranties) and Robin and her dad were almost decapitated when Robin jumped a curb and hit a huge chain draped across a parking lot entrance.

Then last night Pauly pulled the truck into the garage and didn't stop until he had put a big hole in the wall. We ran out to see what he had done and stopped him because he didn't know he had even touched the wall and was about to keep going. He said, "I thought I still had two more feet." He would have ended up in our dining room. The two Paul's spent their last day of Christmas break patching the wall.


Megan said...

wow, I would hold off on those licenses until they can tell where walls are.

Mom in Mendon said...

That's because he needs more chances to drive. Practice, practice, practice. That's how people learn. (I'm trying to put in a plug for you, Paul.)

Meanwhile, to keep things in perspective, here's a tale about a two year old, his mom's Blackberry, her Ipod--and the microwave.


Mom in Mendon said...


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