Friday, February 22, 2008

Excellent document list

I am notoriously unorganized except for one thing. I have all our documents in order. They are in a big binder and that thing is irreplaceable. I love the peace I feel that I know where everything is and it is all in one place. I know this is boring but this book has saved my life and a great deal of misery more than once. Get yours together today . . . you'll thank me.

Keep all these things in a binder or file folder and keep that in a fireproof box.

1 Marriage certificate
2 Birth certificates for each member of the family
3 Passports for each member of the family
4 Serviceman's Group Life Insurance Policy; Other insurance policies: List of insurance companies, policy numbers, types of insurance and local business numbers
5 Previous discharge papers, all divorces, death certificates, and annulments pertaining to prior marriages
6 Immunization records
7 Adoption papers
8 Armed Forces I.D. cards for all family members
9 Citizenship papers
10 Property and automobile titles, deeds and registrations
11 Minimum of 3 copies of orders for serviceman's PCS or TDY
12 Copy of wills
13 Names, addresses and dates of all bills that are to be paid while during move or on leave
14 Report cards
15 Savings and checking and credit accounts and info with appropriate mailing envelopes
16 Minimum of 3 copies of all current Powers of Attorney
17 A minimum of 3 copies of family travel orders
18 Shipping and storage documents
19 Hold baggage documents (when moving overseas)
20 Vehicle (POV)shipping documents (when moving overseas)
21 Port call info (when moving overseas)
22 Medical Records
23 Social Security cards for everyone in the family
24 Receipts for reimbursement or for taxes from move
25 Other personal documents or records
26 Copy of all important phone numbers, addresses and email addresses (updated yearly)
27 Complete military address for service member


Mindi said...

wow. i'm exhuasted now.
what about prior arrests and convictions records??
just checking.
for a friend, not me of course.
he he he

Mindi said...

and i spelled exhausted wrong.
my bad.

liz s said...

oh man, i'm anxious just reading this list. the ones I should have on this list i have no idea where they are. bad liz, bad.

Bundy 6 Pak said...

Wow! Our list is very, very tiny and not in a fire-safe box, but James has a digital copy of each item on a couple of thumb drives, one here and one at his parents.

Mom in Mendon said...

We, too, have a fireproof box, unlocked. It contains important information about our house in Riverside, babies' immunization records, 1980's insurance papers, a file for Senior Sampler, an expired passport, and two Michael Jordan baseball cards. Oh, and there are a few coin sets. There is also one folder with birth certificates.