Thursday, November 22, 2007

Robin's and Paul's lists

Robin’s Thankful List of Amazing Thankfulness and Thankyish Thanks (thank you)

1) Family
2) Friends
3) The gospel
4) Jesus Christ
5) Rock and Roll
6) The opportunities that I have, thanks to the sacrifice of my ancestors
7) My awesome parents who have raised me and my siblings to be just as awesome
8) That my dad was able to resign from the military before I graduated from high school
9) That because he got out I got to learn how to SURF.
10) And I’m especially thankful for perfectly timed swells in Galveston

Paul’s List of Thankful Thanking of Thanktastic Proportions (better than robin’s)

1) My Family
2) Jesus Christ
3) Friends
4) Music
5) My parents and everything they have given me
6) Waves
7) My awesome Piano skills
8) Football
9) My (long) hair
10) Not lima beans

Robin’s *thanks* List *thankful* Part *i-am-more-thankful-than-paul* 2

1) Paul is unoriginal
2) I am awesome

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Anonymous said...

Robin and Paul, I am thankful that you are both maturing into such fine intelligent, good looking, fun loving teenagers. The best in reading your list is that I hear love of family and Jesus Christ and a maturity far beyond your tender years. You are both the most awesome Grandkids and are at the top of my "What I am most Thankful for" List. Love you Always, Grams