Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Red Balloon

When I was in elementary school they showed us a movie called The Red Balloon. Back in the day, before VCRs and DVD players, movies at school were a huge deal. As far as movies go there weren't a lot of choices but I went to 3 different elementary schools and I saw this movie at each of them.

I think about this movie fairly often. It was a very sweet story about a little boy who needs a friend and a balloon that becomes his friend. Nobody speaks . . . or maybe someone yells at the little boy but it is in French and I couldn't understand it. I remember not liking that. I also remember that I did like how everything seemed black and white except the balloon. It is a wonderful movie.

Netflix sent this ad with the movies that arrived today. (How beautiful is this little boy?)It looks like The Red Balloon will be released in theatres at the end of the month. What a lovely surprise.

Also, someone remade The Red Balloon just this year. It is called the Flight of the Red Balloon and I hope I get to see it too. Here is a taste of each of them.


Sara said...

I saw the same movie (in the same elementary schools)as you.

My third year of college I took a film class. For the final we watch a movie and took a test. This was the movie we watched. It was suprisingly comforting after all those years.

R-Eight said...

Sara, comforted is a great word to describe how I felt when I saw the ad yesterday. Isn't that funny? The movie had been on my mind this week because of Jordan's blog and the big balloons in her etsy shop.

Mom in Mendon said...

You saw this sweet, beautiful movie and never talked about it? I can't wait to see it.

R-Eight said...

That is so weird that I never mentioned it, I wish we could see it together.

liz s said...

i remember that film too!