Thursday, November 29, 2007

Movie Mom

I really like Movie Mom. She is a movie reviewer and I have found her reviews to be a great tool. She has saved me a lot of money and I am almost always sorry when I trust the ads and don't consult her site before seeing a movie.

In each review she spends 1 or 2 paragraphs and tells a little about the movie. It was funny, stupid, stale, surprising . . . etc. She makes it very clear when she is going to spoil a plot and only does that when she thinks parents need to beware. She mentions the age appropriateness as well. When we saw The Incredibles, I wasn't surprised that my 2 and 4 year olds were bored because she had motioned that even though it was by Pixar, this movie wasn't Finding Nemo.

Then she has a "Parents Should Know" paragraph. She tells about any swearing, drug references, sex, violence or even potty humor. She doesn't make judgements she just tells it like it is. Although she makes it clear she does not appreciate movies like Superman, that advertise to kids but are clearly too violent.

After that, is a "Families should talk about" paragraph. "Families should talk about why the little boy was so sad when his friend died." I think this is a little much but might be good for someone out there.

I also like that she reviews more than just children's movies. Click here to check out her site

Why oh why didn't we check her review before we saw The Family Stone?!?

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liz s said...

that's kind of a cool idea. i like her already.