Sunday, October 21, 2007


So I made chili the other day. It smelled great and looked really pretty and I had let it simmer most of the afternoon. It was about time for dinner and as I stirred the chili I saw something black. !#$%$% I burned it!! Wait . . . no it's not burned . . . What is that? Oh sick! A big fly! How long has he been simmering in there?!!

I fished him out and then I had a decision to make, should I serve it to the family or should I throw it away? Do I serve it and tell them or not tell them and just hope nobody recognizes fly flavor?

Nobody recognized it.


Salem said...


Recognise? Does your family taste fly regularly?

liz s said...
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liz s said...

note to self: never eat anything rachel cooks

R-Eight said...

Salem, no they do not, at least not that I know of.

Liz, I would never feed you flies.

Pauly just read the entry and now my kids are all mad at me. Robin says she's glad she was at work that night.

I am just thankful I didn't put black beans in the chili like I usually do.

ruth said...


Pauly said...